It's finally all over. The Voice winner has been announced.

After a season of dramatic ups and downs, the winner of The Voice 2016 has finally been announced.

Tonight’s finale saw Adam, Aflie, Ellen and Tash fighting it out for the title.

After Ellen and Tash were eliminated first (and Tash left an awkward nip slip as her legacy), Adam and Alfie remained in the running to be the next Voice of Australia.

It came down to a showdown between two members of Team Delta, as both performed the single they would release if they won.

And in a show-stopping finish, we're thrilled to announce that the winner is...

Alfie Arcuri!

Congratulations to all the contestants, and we can't wait to hear Alfie's single hitting our radio airwaves ASAP.

Who do you think should have won The Voice this year?

Watch The Voice contestants preparing to sing tonight...

Video via Channel 9