Don't panic, but this is the most exciting thing to happen on The Voice so far.

After much anticipation and many predictions, the moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here.

There has been a fair bit of controversy on The Voice this season.

There was the probably staged catfight between Delta Goodrem and Jessie J, Delta not turning around for a young girl who sang a song written by Delta herself, and a once famous Popstar not getting one chair swivel for her valiant efforts.

These were all huge moments, obviously. But they have nothing on the biggest reveal that the judges of The Voice have quite literally been sitting on for the entirety of this season.

In the next episode, the judges are going to actually CHANGE their outfits.

This. Is. Huge.

Season 4 of the show has seen the judges modelling such delightful clothes as Delta’s all-white jumpsuit and the Madden brothers’ black-on-black-on-black twin outfits.

In the first episode, these outfits were cute. Perhaps some foolish Twitter-ers even suggested they wanted to see more of them.

But after nine episodes, NINE, of the exact same outfits, I am no longer admiring how Delta managed to keep her crisp white suit stain-free or how Ricky Martin kept his vest collar permanently popped.

Now, I can only be mildly disgruntled and slightly exasperated at the lack of clothing diversity that is represented on this ‘clothes-ist’ show.

And I’m not the only one who’s upset. After last night saw the judges being forced into the same clothes yet again, Twitter responded accordingly.

Distressingly, this isn’t the first time The Voice has prevented the judges from changing out of seemingly binding and probably uncomfortable outfits.


Season 3 saw the highly celebrated and revered Kylie Minogue, as well as will.i.am, Ricky Martin and Joel Madden, being forced into a prison made entirely from fabric during the blind audition phase.

Season 2? It was the same sad, sad story.

Although we’re happy that the judges all managed to escape this repetitive nightmare, we want answers.

Why must they, and us, be forced to sit through the same outfits week after week when we know filming takes place over a number of days?

Is it because the judges are forced to sleep in their oversized swivel chairs lest they reveal the singers on their teams before the episodes have been aired?

Is it because the judges themselves have taken a collective stance against the expectations society places on us to shower and change clothes daily?

Is it because they don’t have time to change as they spend all their time rehearsing their theatrical swivels and reaction faces?

“1,2,3 and JAZZ HANDS”

Or, is it that it is easier for the Producers to create continuity when editing the blind auditions if the judges wear the same thing each day?

No, no, this explanation is much too logical for the show that is focused on finding Australian talent but only has one actual Australian judge.

I do know one thing though. I will continue to question this strange and unexplained decision from The Voice Producers loudly, vehemently and enthusiastically until I forget about it in about 10-15 minutes from now.

You’ve been warned, Producers.

*Note: The Producers of The Voice have been contacted for answers to this unexplained mystery.

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