Would you step in if people were being drunk and disruptive? This man did.

The drunk girls in McDonald’s.

This late night McDonald’s video footage is going viral and has sparked worldwide media attention.

Two young women – obviously intoxicated – are at a Western Australia McDonald’s.

They’re shrieking, laughing, throwing food and climbing on and over the counter.

The staff are trying to do their jobs around them.

Patrons are shaking their heads as they try to ignore them.

They are being really, really stupid. And annoying.

And then an unknown man steps in to put a stop to the girl’s behaviour; to chastise them and pull them into line.

He says: “stop acting like sluts,” and then physically pulls them off the counter and demands they start behaving themselves.

Is your opinion forming already? Yeah ours were too, but we all had a slightly different take on the incident.

You can watch the video here:

David Koch of Sunrise describes the man as “the Perth father who stood up to three young women.” Sunrise co-host Samantha Armytage stated “Girls, look at that video – it’s not attractive. Don’t do it.” Viewers congratulated the man for taking a stand.

But the question we’re asking in the Mamamia office is whether he’s a villain or a hero.

The Sunrise team discussing the viral video.

We can’t decide just how appropriate his actions were in dealing with the young women. Yes – they were being drunk and rowdy and the restaurant staff were clearly losing control… but was it okay for him to get physical with them and call them “sluts?”

The man in question – who wants to remain anonymous – has said that he would not necessarily use that word ‘slut’ if the incident were to occur again but he doesn’t regret trying to get the girls to behave.

He told a Perth radio station: “Maybe I should not have done that, but I had got to a stage where I had had enough of it…. It could have been a little bit threatening, and it is not the sort of thing that should be happening in a family restaurant.”

“But don’t go in a public place and spread your rubbish all over the place, and they were acting like pigs…. The staff were threatened, and they asked them to stop. You have got to respect property, and respect yourselves.”

We can’t seem to agree. Half of us think he went too far in calling the girls inappropriate names and physically trying to move them out of the way. The other rest think that someone needed to step in and while his language wasn’t ideal, we need people like this who will help out when a situation is out of control .

So what do you think? Do you think this man was right to try and pull the girls into line? Or were the girls just having fun?