The TV theme song mashup


Normally, when someone is letting you know that you are about to experience something really cool, they say: “You won’t believe your eyes.” Or: “You won’t believe your ears.”

But, in introducing this vid, we are hesitant to use either of those expressions. Because, if you trust your eyes on this one, your ears will consider you to be a hideous traitor, and will never speak to you ever again. But, if you decide to go with those holes on the sides of your face, chances are that your eyes will tell you that you’ve made a big mistake.

And then, in the middle of this kerfuffle, your poor brain will be saying: “BUT WHY DOES THE OPENING OF HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER WORK SO WELL AS A CREEPY WHODUNNIT? IS THIS A CLUE? HAVE I FIGURED OUT WHO THE MOTHER IS?”

(No. No you have not. And, the mother in HIMYM was revealed in the Season 8 Finale. Get yo’self a box set, child.)

So, prepare to be a little confused. And surprised that the theme song for Game of Thrones sounds kind of okay when tacked onto the front of an episode of Friends.