The 7 zero-waste snacks you can buy in bulk right now.

The Source Bulk Foods
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Snack shopping is essentially meal prep’s more fun and popular cousin. This is something we all know to be true.

So when The Source Bulk Foods asked us to pick our top seven snacks from their very extensive range of delicious options, we took this task very, very seriously.

The concept grocery store allows customers to pick as much or as little as they want from their 400 plus bulk food bins. They cater to vegan, paleo, organic, gluten-free diets, or just anyone looking for delicious, interesting foods.

Although they supply recyclable brown paper bags that customers can place their products in, they also encourage people to bring their own containers, in an effort to reduce waste. It’s like a cinema Pick & Mix lolly bar but healthier and better for the environment… go you.

Even better, The Source are also offering Mamamia readers 20 per cent off their purchase when they mention this offer, during the sale period from Friday July 19 to Sunday, July 28.

To help you take full advantage of this offer, here are our top, mostly organic, seven snack picks. You’ll want to stock up on now.

1. Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seeds

With pumpkin seeds being a great source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and dark chocolate known for being antioxidant-rich, these choc-coated seeds are bursting with nutritional goodness and flavour.

Grab a handful to enjoy on their own, or mix in with other nuts and seeds for an uber fancy trail mix.


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Featured product: Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seeds, $6.90 for 100 grams.

2. Organic Cashew Caramel Filled Mylk Truffles

It’s hard to believe these are 100 per cent vegan with their creamy chocolate and caramel-filled goodness. The cashew milk base gives these choccies a velvety texture, and the hint of pink lake salt enriches all the flavours in this delectable truffle.

You won’t want to go back to the ‘regular stuff’ after one of these.


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Featured product: Organic Cashew Caramel Filled Mylk Truffles, $11.00 for 100 grams.

3. Salt and Vinegar Chickpea Puffs

Calling all salt and vinegar fans: you’ll want to scoop these up by the bucketful.

Made with yellow pea and chickpea flours, 100 grams of these crunchy puffs contain a whopping 19.1 grams of protein and 8.3 grams of fibre, keep you fuller for longer.


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Featured product: Salt and Vinegar Chickpea Puffs, $5.50 for 100 grams.

4. Toasted Barbecue Corn

The iconic Tex Mex mix gets a refresh. Satisfyingly crunchy, with a barbecue tang, you can eat these corn kernels on their own or add them to a nut mix for a burst of flavour.

Either way, keep a jar of these bad boys handy at all times.

source bulk foods
SO moreish.

Featured product: Toasted BBQ Corn, $1.80 for 100 grams.

5. Dried Australian Mango Cheeks

Not all dried mango is created equally, and there's a reason why these chunks of seemingly humble dried mango are one of The Source's best-sellers. Think of these as a chewy, and intensely mango-flavoured fruit roll up, without the excess sugars. They're loved by kids and adults alike.

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For those who want a chewy, caramel fruit treat, may we also recommend the Australian Whole Dried Banana, $2.50 for 100 grams. Yummo.

Featured product: Dried Australian Mango Cheeks, $7.70 for 100 grams.

6. Peanut Butter Protein Balls

If you want just one snack choice to keep you feeling full and focused during that 3pm slump, look to the Peanut Butter Protein Ball. The three-ingredient power-snack combines organic raw pea protein powder, with peanuts and Medjool dates for a delicious, protein-rich hit.


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Featured product: Peanut Butter Protein Balls, $3.70 per ball.

7. Veggie Chips

Just like a packet of chips, but healthier. These preservative-free crisps give you a salty, crunchy hit and are made from actual vegetables like carrots, sweet potato, squash, taro and green beans.

Just try to stop at one handful. We dare you.

The Source Bulk Foods snacks
Surely these count towards our daily five? Image: Supplied.

Featured product: Veggie chips, $5.30 for 100 grams.

The Source doesn't just do good snacks. They have a huge range of flours, pastas, beans, cereals, herbs, spices, coffees, teas and even bush tucker (savoury bush dukkah....YUM).

So make sure to head down to your local store between July 19 to 28 to take advantage of our special 20 per cent off offer.

Prices may differ.

Have you ever shopped at The Source Bulk Foods? What are your favourite products? Tell us in a comment below.

This article was brought to you with thanks to The Source Bulk Foods.

The Source Bulk Foods

Ever wondered if there's a better way to shop for pantry essentials? A cleaner way to eat? Or just healthier ingredients for your family meals? Well, here at The Source Bulk Foods we're helping Australians eat and live better. It's the start of something good... Something that's good for the planet, good for your health, and good for clean eating, too! And now you can start something good today with 20% off! So pop into your nearest The Source Bulk Foods store and mention this sale to save. Hurry, sale starts Friday 19 July and ends Sunday 28 July.