Georgie knows first hand that "without the Safe Schools Coalition life is hell".

Homework, difficult teachers, playground bullies. School is hard for a lot of kids. But for some, it goes far beyond an ‘accepted’ norm.

Year 10 student Georgie Stone knows exactly why we need the Safe Schools Coalition.

On the The Project last night she said dealing with negativity, exclusion and abuse at school is all too common for young transgender Australians.

“My first primary school wasn’t very understanding at all,” Georgie told the panel.

“There was one scenario where it was school swimming, and I was forced to use the male change-rooms. And there were some students a few years above me who were bullying me, they were not nice at all, they were really mean. And they were in there when I was going to get changed. They were yelling, ‘Why are you in here? This isn’t right!’ and it was an awful, awful experience. I was crying. I came out half dressed and it was one of the worst experiences of my life.”


Georgie changed schools, and just being able to use the female bathroom has made such an incredible difference to her school life.

We need to listen to people like Georgie. They know the importance of having a school environment that supports you.

Kids need Safe Schools.

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