The products that Zoe Foster really uses: Part 2

Covergirl Intense Shadowblast in Beige Blast and Brown Bling

This is the second part of a two-part post on the products that Zoe Foster really uses; if you’d like to see part one, go here.

The Ultimate Eyelid Primer and Cream Shadow

One thing I am often asked is what have I got wedged between my teeth. Another thing I’m asked, and something that is probably more relevant to this post, is how come my g-damn eye shadow never lasts? The answer is because you have not correctly prepped your eyelids with either a primer or a cream eye shadow. From there I usually recommend several terrific cream eye shadows (such as Bobbi Brown cream shadow in sand, or my beloved but now discontinued Clinique Quick Eyes in Muffin) but GUESS WHAT, there is a new kitty in town! Covergirl Intense Shadowblast! She is very affordable, super long lasty (hard-to-remove, even! But that’s what we want from a lid primer: LONGEVITY) and comes in the exact shades I always bang on about: a semi-shimmery vanilla-beige-sandstone colour, (“Beige Blaze”) which acts as a terrific base for all powder shadow shades, and instantly opens up and brightens the eyes, and a gorgeous chocolate brown shade, (“Brown Bling”) which will make your smoky eyes just that bit more intense and excellent, but can also be worn solo on the lid (although a touch of foundation on the eyelid first is a good idea to conceal veins and darkness) for an “I’ve spent time doing eye makeup” look, when in fact all you did is smear the wand applicator on your lids and smush it around with your rude finger to blend it. I have taken to wearing one of these shades every single day, and make absolutely no apology for this.

Dr Hauschka Lemon Bath oil and Rose Body Moisturiser

Just Some Delicious Body Care.

Fans of Hauschka or nasty-free skincare will be thrilled that the Doc has created some new body moisturisers, and not only are they a Genuinely Great Product, gosh these make a terrific gift for girlfriends. Who wouldn’t want a lovely body cream or oil dripping with pure essential oils and goodness? Only a dingus.

I have become fanatical about using the lemon bath oil followed by the rose body lotion, so that I smell a little bit like an exciting cocktail, or an expensive yoga studio. It’s a wonderfully sensorial full stop to an intense day, and I highly recommend it.

Zoe is an author, columnist and porridge fan. She was beauty director of Cosmopolitan, Harper’s BAZAAR and PRIMPED and then collated all the best tips and tricks from her time in these roles for the beauty bible, Amazing Face. She is currently the dating columnist for Cosmopolitan magazine, although her best advice in this arena can probably be found in the dating and relationship guide, Textbook Romance , which she co-wrote with Hamish Blake. Zoe has published three novels, Air Kisses, Playing The Field and The Younger Man, and she rates them among the best novels ever written in the history of the written word. Find more info on her here, or supervise on her daily procrastination here and here.

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