Maggie Alderson is trying to buy clogs. So why can’t she just do it, already!?

I’ve been trying to buy a pair of these shoes for at least four years.

I love the spirit of them. They’re cool and there’s something upbeat about them. They remind me of the best things about the mid-70s when my mum sent off to Sweden for clogs for all of us. She was an amazing early uptaker like that.

I had a denim blue suede pair which I wore until they were practically fused to my feet.

And while there are other (cheaper) versions, I love the grooviness of the Hasbeens website, which explains how the brand came about.

So I’m crazy keen to have a pair of Hasbeens for summer wear, but every time I try to buy them I get completely overwhelmed and give up because – WHICH STYLE, WHICH COLOUR?

There’s too much choice. Too much choice with quite discreet variations between them.

Red sandal clogs from Hasbeens. 

I also find the names for the different heel heights really confusing. Sky High. Super High. High. I can never remember if Sky or Super are higher. (I just checked on the website and it’s Sky. Memo to self.)


So there’s heel height and then there is – proper clog or sandal clog? I really love the sandals, but all my cool friends in New York where Sky High clogs and I want to be in their gang. They look so great with jeans and make you leggy.

Pink sandal clogs from Hasbeens.

But I’m worried I’d fall off them and sprain my ankle.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve looked at the website umming and ahhing about all this. So many gorgeous colours – plus a special limited edition in mixed colours – but then I love them in natural tan too. There’s something so classic about it and they look so gorgeous against tanned legs.



The website does my head in because every possible combo of style and colour and fricking heel height is on there, but it hasn’t helped when I’ve tried them on in shops either.

For some reason I never seem to have enough time to do it in a considered methodical way, someone is always rushing me, or I have an appointment, so I always leave empty handed. I need to audition the styles with care and attention.


Having given the website a really good going over the other day I came to the conclusion that what I really want is a pair of Super High Slip In (sic) Classics clogs in natural tan and a pair of Peep Toe in High, probably green.

Nude sandal clogs from Hasbeens.

No, tan. I’ve just seen a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker in the tan ones and they look so good.

But hang on, further searches reveal pictures of SJP in loads of different colours and styles! She couldn’t choose either… and presumably has a shoe closet to rival Carrie’s, so room to store them. They seem to be her summer school run favourites, which is encouraging because I have been a bit concerned they could be painful to walk in too.


Hmmmm, I think I need to do some more pondering. This could take me through another clogless summer.

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