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Put your detective hats on: The new Murder Squad podcast wants your help to solve real crimes.

So. You have binged your way through Serial, Making A Murderer and Teacher’s Pet. You listened to the Dirty John podcast and watched the subsequent Netflix series in one sittingand then finished the Ted Bundy series.

The world’s obsession with all things true crime has been going on for years, and has seen us spend hours upon hours of our lives studying and investigating the behaviours of criminals. And we can finally now put those expert skills to good use – without quitting our day jobs!

Put your detective hats on because there is a new podcast in town and they’re looking for as many sheriffs as they can get.

Murder Squad, a new show to be hosted by Paul Holes and Billy Jensen, is enlisting the public’s help to get to the bottom of “unsolved murders, unidentified remains and missing persons cases”.

“Actual cases,” they said in the announcement. “Actual clues. Actual outcomes.”

The hosts of the podcasts are experienced investigators in crime, but have had two very different careers. Paul Holes is a retired cold case investigator of over 25 years in California, and was recently involved in the Golden State Killer case.

Billy Jensen is an investigative journalist particularly interested in “unsolved murders and missing persons”, and has in fact helped solve ten homicides using “radical social media techniques”.

In the announcement on their website of the new podcast, from the Exactly Right podcast network, they reveal the show will “attempt to solve an unsolved murder case using a variety of methods”.

“Their secret weapon in the search for justice is staring right at this page.” And WHERE DO WE SIGN UP.


“You have been watching and listening to stories about violent crimes and investigations for years. Now is the time to put all of that knowledge and wits to good use to actually help solve a crime.

“Welcome to the Murder Squad.”

Fans on Twitter were suitably elated with the news of their new roles as actual investigators.


As for how listeners will take part, host Billy Jensen explained on Instagram that the team will partly rely on “the skills of their listeners who send in tips and theories, becoming active members of The Murder Squad.”

The release date for the podcast is set to be April 1, a day also known as April Fool’s. BUT this would be an elaborate and unpleasant joke that would delight no one.

Hence we are confident that this is real and our careers as detectives will start (and end) with this new podcast.

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