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All the clues you may have missed in episode six of The Masked Singer Australia.

Another day, another episode of The Masked Singer Australia. 

Last night Adam Brand was revealed as Dragon (yep, we guessed it) and we were given a whole new handful of clues for the remaining masked people you kinda might recognise from TV.

We’re sure Lindsay Lohan is starting to question why they asked her here given there has been literally no Aaron Carters, Tyra Banks or Jemaine Clement equivalents. (sorry Linds, we spent all our budget on you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

Here’s the unveiling of Adam Brand. Post continues after video.

Video by Ten

Also, apparently we are back to four judges after two random episodes with a fifth rotating panelist? It’s very confusing.

Let’s stop mucking around, it’s time for more clues.


Spider’s initial fame had a “golden aura”.

She likes to “hang out with the girls” but sometimes she’s an individual and says dreams can come true when you believe anything is possible.

Singing Zombie by The Cranberries, Spider ended her performance by bringing a personal clue out on stage – a netball. When asked about it she said “I came to group work later in life but have found real happiness in a group of girls”.

spider netball clue
Spider's clue that she brought from home was a netball. Image: Ten.

Previously we learnt Spider's been subjected to backlash and public scrutiny, is 175cm tall, is accustomed to the spotlight, is an international writer and could quite possibly be Australian (she laughed at a joke about Schapelle Corby).

Music has always been important in Spider's life and she has to "exercise muscles other people don't have to think about".

We have also been thrown some visual clues - we've seen Spider in a kitchen cooking with pictures of Jennifer Aniston and the Pope in the foreground.

We also saw a fire break out and a security guard carried from the scene as Spider said, "If you can't stand the heat call a fireman but don't burn".

The judges guesses:

Dannii Minogue: Jessica Mauboy.

Previous guesses: Jessica Mauboy/Dami Im/Willow Smith.

Jackie O: Paulini.

Previous guesses: Shakira/Amy Sheppard.

Lindsay Lohan: Mel C.

Previous guess: La Toya Jackson.

Dave Hughes: Sinead O'Connor.

Previous guess: Carrie Bickmore/Sia.

Mamamia's guess: Paulini.


Monster dreams about both horses and microphones. Her dreams have come true.

Her voice has made waves and while most monsters come from the city, Monster is more comfortable in the bush.

It's only in the city that the "outer me" emerges and she can tell the stories she needs to tell.

A visual clue is seen on a piano (lyrics to Still The One by Shania Twain) while Monster hints, "If you support me I feel like I can go all the way to the finish post".

Singing Beautiful by Christina Aguilera, Monster's clue at the end of her song was a mannequin in a mask and a leopard print outfit. "I have never felt more myself than when I have acted like someone else," Monster said.

Monster's clue
Monster's clue is a mannequin wearing leopard print. Image: Ten.

Previously we learned Monster is 164cm tall, is "a bit of country and a bit of glam," and is a "shapeshifter" because it's in her biology.

The number 31 is relevant to when "we first noticed her," and we've seen many visuals of Monster teaching in a science lab.

Monster spent time in the shadows away from the spotlight and Monster's life has been split between "two worlds".

In one shot, Monster is seen carrying a sack marked with the letter 'O' and security guards have been spotted lurking in the background in nurse outfits.

In Monster's industry, height isn't important but weight is.

The judges guesses:

Dannii Minogue: Lisa McCune.

Previous guess: Virginia Gay.

Jackie O: Vanessa Amorosi.

Previous guess: Billie Piper.

Lindsay Lohan: Shania Twain.

Previous guess: Shania Twain.

Dave Hughes: Kate Ritchie.

Previous guess: Ronda Rousey.

Mamamia's guess: Gorgi Coghlan.


Unicorn is not living in "our reality" instead she visits us very rarely and prefers the cover of night to "our" bright sunshine.

A visual clue is added here - Unicorn poring over a coffin. "I was young when I first decided to follow my magical path," she hinted.


Unicorn busted out Crazy Right Now by Beyonce and brought out an American passport as her personal clue. The passport was surrounded by a British flag, Australian flag, Japanese flag and New Zealand flag. Unicorn said these are places where she has enjoyed success.

Unicorn clue
Unicorn's clue was a passport surrounded by various country's flags.

Previously we found out Unicorn is 171cm, has "bloodlines that go back through the ages," has "trotted her own path but is aware of who has come before her" and is very social.

She didn't find fame on reality TV because she doesn't believe in taking shortcuts and thinks her voice is "always in the background".

"I have been the princess but never the queen," Unicorn said during one clues package while sitting in a bathtub of red rose petals.

The judges guesses:

Dannii Minogue: Deni Hines.

Previous guesses: Deni Hines/Mel B/ Xena: Warrior Princess.

Jackie O: Anastacia.

Previous guesses: Kelly Osbourne/Michelle Williams.

Lindsay Lohan: Kelly Osbourne.

Previous guesses: Chris Lilley/Mahalia Barnes.

Dave Hughes: Cher.

Previous guesses: La Toya Jackson/Ella Hooper.

Mamamia's guess: Deni Hines.