She had two kids. And then she had THREE sets of twins.

We high-five these parents.

Meet the Horan family – who have quite the unique family.

They have three sets of twins, naturally conceived. Two of those sets are “double Irish twins” – having nothing to do with their birth place, but because they were born only 10 months apart. (Yes, that is 4 newborns in 10 months). And that is in addition to two other children.

We feel like we need to have a lie down after reading that.

Parents Kevin and Lorraine Horan spoke to the Huffington Post about their large family.

“It was all natural. No fertility. The doctors were pretty surprised. They all thought that I was on fertility. But the biggest shock was the third set, we never thought it would happen again. But I was told that if I get pregnant again, it would be more than likely that I would have twins again,” said Lorraine. She also added that twins do not run in her family.

So how does she do it?

“I have lovely support from family and friends and I couldn’t do it without mum and dad.”

Lorraine also added that it takes “lots of planning” to feed all 8 children. “It costs a fortune to feed us all. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Lorraine also said that she prefers school holidays for the lack of routine. “[During school] everything has to be regimented to be perfectly on time. Getting all the children to the first bus and then the next bus. Just all day long it’s non stop.”

The best part of having such a huge, young family, Lorraine said, “They all just have each other. We never have anyone lonely in this house”. The kids agree, that the best part is always having someone to play with.

But there is a downside to having so many brothers and sisters says one of the kids, “If you do something wrong they all tell on you.”

CLICK THROUGH the gallery of the family from Lorraine’s Facebook page.


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