A car ad could never make you cry, huh? Watch this

Mairead and Kevin are dedicated Honda fans – their family has owned more than 20 over the years – so when they got married they asked a local dealer to loan them three CR-Vs for the bridal party. When Honda’s head office heard about the request they decided to do something much bigger for the couple.

Mairead and Kevin tear up as they watch one of their Honda wedding surprises

Instead of three CRVs, Honda sent eight, each filled with an amazing surprise: the band they saw on their first date, a troupe of Irish step dancers, $2000 worth of registry gifts, and — the best surprise of all — flew in relatives from Ireland who couldn't afford to attend the wedding.

The video is part of Honda's "Start Something Special" campaign, which launched in August. Try not to tear up as you watch the magical moment unfold:

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