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1. Taylor Swift attends (okay crashes) a Kennedy Wedding.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is dating Conor Kennedy – as in a Kennedy of the JFK and Bobby variety. He was attending a wedding last weekend for Conor’s cousin Kyle Kennedy to Liam Kerr. Taylor didn’t get an invite but she decided she might drop by anyway (who wouldn’t? It’s a Kennedy wedding!)… and the mother of the bride confronted her and asked her to leave so she wouldn’t upstage her daughter. Awkward.

2. Meet supermodel Christy Turlington’s daughter Grace.

Just how adorable do Christy Turlington and her little eight-year-old Grace look in these intimate mother-daughter moments that were photographer for DuJour magazine.

Christy and Grace
Christy and Grace

3. Naomi Watts as Princess Diana

More pictures of Aussie actress Naomi Watts starring as Princess Diana have emerged. What do you think?

(L) Naomi Watts, (R) Princess Diana

You can see more of the pics here.

4. Elisabeth Moss goes short and blonde

The Mad Men actress has gone the chop and the dye – similar to Miley Cyrus. Which celebrity is next?

Elisabeth Moss

5. Best of the red carpet.

The best looks from red carpets all over the world this week. Have you got a favourite?

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