FLUFF: Which celebrity just did THIS to their hair?

Miley Cyrus was the first celebrity to shave parts of her head – and now it seems that other celebrities are taking part in the trend too. Unsurprisingly, Lady Gaga is the next to have done something crazy with her hair.

The singer tweeted a link to the picture along with the caption: “I did it for u Terry. I’m sorry about ure mommy. She has princess die, but were all princess high.”

According E! News, the Terry she’s referring to is photographer and friend Terry Richardson, who had just posted on his Tumblr page: “R.I.P. Annie Lomax, My Mom 1938-2012.”

Lady Gaga shaved the back of her head

Which judge has quit The Voice?

Deep breaths, people. Keith Urban has been signed on as a judge on Idol in the US, which means he’ll no longer be part of The Voice in Australia. And before you go saying “it’s just a rumour” (because that’s exactly what we did), Channel Nine have confirmed the move. Their director of programming said “We were really happy to have Keith as part of the inaugural Voice crew and of course he will always remain part of The Voice family in Australia. We are currently in negotiations with super star musicians to fill the coaching roles (next year).”

Keith also made a statement. He said:”I’ve been so fortunate to have been a part of The Voice. And as much as I’d love to do it again, it’s clear that the recording and promoting of a new album, a tour and other commitments, will keep me from being a part of the second season. To everyone who sang on the show, I thank you, you’ve inspired not just me, but countless others. To everyone behind the scens and to my on camera family Darren, Delta, Joel and Seal, thank you for making it so much fun. Keep watching Australia!”

Still no word on whether Delta, Seal and Joel will be back for season two.

Actress, Katie Holmes has spent a lot of time watching fashion shows over the years, so who could forgive her for seeing some of those crazy creations coming down the catwalk and thinking back to year 7 textiles class and going ‘yeah, I could totally do that’.

Well, now she has. New York Fashion Week has just seen the launch of Katie Holmes’ fashion line, of Holmes & Yang. Katie reportedly looked “radiant” at the show, wearing waist black pants, a leather jacket, a pair of shiny gold heels and accessorizing with a bold gold statement necklace. Holmes & Yang is apparently a “sensation”, with the high-end collection selling really well in department stores.

Watch your back, Victoria Beckham.

Giuliana and Bill Rancic show off their baby boy.  Two weeks after becoming a family of three, the proud parents have revealed the first photos of their son, Edward Duke Rancic. The baby boy was born via gestational carrier in Denver on the 29th August.

Giuliana and Bill on the cover of Life & Style

Mel B goes topless to promote breast cancer awareness. The former Spice Girl has stripped off to promote a new breast cancer awareness campaign in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. But don’t worry, it’s still safe for work – her husband Stephen Belafonte is protecting her modesty. Take a look:

Mel B with her husband for Cosmopolitan

Kelsey Grammer and his ex-wife “didn’t have sex for a decade”. Divorce is hard enough as it is but imagine having your ex reveal the details of your sex life – or lack thereof – on national television.

That’s exactly what Kelsey Grammer did during his Conan O’Brien appearance on Monday. The actor, who married Kayte Walsh last year, took a swipe at his ex-wife Camille, claiming they didn’t have sex for ten years.

The comment came up when Grammer mentioned he and Walsh didn’t consummate their relationship for several months after meeting. When Conan suggested the difficulty of that situation, Grammer saw his opportunity: ‘Well, for a guy that hadn’t had sex for a decade it wasn’t that hard!

You can watch the full interview with Grammer here:

Hemsworth brothers BOTH auditioning for Fifty Shades of Grey. Dashing Aussie brothers Liam and Chris Hemsworth have stealthily taken Hollywood by storm over the past couple of years. Their on-screen presence (well, let’s be honest – their chiselled jawlines and dazzling blue eyes also had something to do with it) won them starring roles in The Avengers and The Hunger Games respectively. Liam’s recent engagement to Miley Cyrus has done nothing to stifle the buzz surrounding these homegrown spunks.

It’s unsurprising, then, that the brothers have been forced to compete against one another for top roles. It happened during the casting of Thor, and now Liam and Chris are both auditioning for roles in – yep, you guessed it – Fifty Shades of Grey. While both Hemsworths have been considered for the starring role of Christian Grey, it has been reported that Liam is emerging as firm contender to play the other Grey – Christian’s brother, Elliot.

Liam vs Chris Hemsworth. Who’s better?

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The goon sack handbag comes in three colours, so that you can match it to every outfit!

The goon sack handbag. The words ‘goon sack’ and ‘chic’ have probably never appeared together in any sentence in the history of drunken-teenager-kind. But all that is about to change, if this Swedish winemaker has their way.

Vernissage has developed a range of ‘wine handbags’ aiming to give the humble silver pillow some fashion cred. It comes complete with an easy pour tap and an arm strap to facilitate the transportation of up to three litres of your favourite drop. Hurrah! No more shamefully hiding your bottle shop purchases in a brown paper bag to avoid the judgemental stares from passers-by! BYO events are set to become a whole lot classier.

According to the company: ‘The thought behind Vernissage is a playful approach to the curious and modern wine consumer. At the same time, a woman´s touch has propelled the Bag-in-Bag wine from the practical to the elegant.’

The bag features a shimmering checkerboard design that comes in three different colours and wine varieties. It’s currently on sale in Europe and will reach US stores in coming weeks; no word of when or if it’ll arrive here in Australia. We’ll just have to make do with daggy wine boxes and keep our fingers crossed for the time being.

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