The Oscars and the after parties: the good, the bad & the WTF

Wondering where the other big name celebrities went after the Oscars? To the Vanity Fair party of course!

(And what better excuse to change into another frock.) The party is the after party for the Oscars. It’s such a long party that guest are invited in shifts. Some come for a viewing dinner, then there’s a late shift when the winners (and the people who were actually invited to the ceremony) arrive.

And is you missed the red carpet arrivals you can find them here. Everyone’s talking about Angelina Jolie’s leg (let us know if you can’t find it!) and Jennifer Lopez’s nipple, which apparently escaped from her dress. Sparkles were big on the carpet – so were long sleeves, rep lipstick and the old crotch spilt. Have a ;ppl/

And just for something extra, have at the nail polish looks of the awards.

Who is wearing your favourite gown?