The disturbing photo that has the Duggars in hot water. Again.

Is this the worst gift ever?

The Duggars have done it again. The stars of 19 Kids and Counting has shared a number of photos of their annual Christmas celebration.

Except there’s just one that has sparked a huge controversy. The family shared a picture of their 10th son, 16-year-old Jedidiah holding a black shotgun inside their family home.

The gift that Jedidiah received for Christmas has led to a heated discussion on their official Facebook page, relating to gun safety and the right to own fire arms.

16-year-old Jedidiah Duggar.

Some of the comments included:

“Worst present ever.”

“I don’t care how much gun safety they teach their kids. All it takes is one time of not locking it up properly for one of the dozens of curious young kids in that house to get a hold of it and have an accident. Why take that chance?”

“It doesn’t matter if this rifle issued for hunting…To glamorise a weapon on a Facebook page during a moment where children are being shot by police for brandishing airsoft guns and our country is being brainwashed into increased militarism is IRRESPONSIBLE.”

Others defended the family, explaining their personal support of firearms and pointed out the Duggars’ are advocates for gun safety.

Some of the commenters wrote:

“What’s wrong with this country? People that complain about this picture!! Gun use and safety starts at home!! Proud American right there!”

“Parents who are responsible teach their children gun safety for a reason. To be the next generation of responsible gun owners. This is a great gift for a young man (or woman) who knows safety and can shoot.”

This isn’t the first time the Duggars have gun toted either. In June last year, Jessa Duggar’s now husband, Ben Seewald shared a photo of her posing with a pink-trimmed assault rifle in a gun shop.

Jessa Duggar in June 2014.

The family has since released a statement about the debate on their blog, defending their ownership of firearms. A section of the statement reads:

"This is not the first time the Duggars have been under fire for allowing one of their children to handle a gun, and it will probably not be the last, as the media seems to take advantage of every possible opportunity to spark controversy about this wonderful family."

"The Duggars understand how important it is to teach their kids how to safely use firearms in order to prevent or minimise the likelihood of accidents."

Do you think a gun is an appropriate gift for a 16-year old?

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