Should I Watch It? The Chestnut Man, the new Netflix thriller that will haunt your dreams.

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The other night I had a dream about a "Chestnut Man". 

I tossed and turned as I dreamt about a man made out of chestnuts that murdered little kids in the woods. In the dream it was my job to solve the murders but no matter how close I came, I could never catch the Chestnut Man. 

The next morning I realised I had watched the trailer for Netflix's new Danish thriller, The Chestnut Man, after a few too many Friday night lockdown cocktails and accidentally inserted myself into the plot. 

Watch the trailer for Netflix's The Chestnut Man. Post continues below. 

Yes, there's a Chestnut Man. Yes, he's murdering people in the woods. But thankfully I don't have to catch him. 

Below I unpack what The Chestnut Man is about and whether you should watch it:

What is The Chestnut Man about?

The Chestnut Man is a six-part Danish thriller dubbed in overly cheerful English voices. 

If you can get past the dubbing, it's a bloody good thriller. 

The series starts in 1987 when the town sheriff gets a call that a local farmer has let his cows escape. 

When he arrives at the farm, he finds three people brutally murdered and a fourth seriously injured. He ventures into the basement and sees a little girl hiding under a table that's covered in little figurines made from chestnuts. 

Then he is attacked from behind and killed. 

We then flash forward to the present day Copenhagen. Police detective Naia Thulin (Danica Curcic) is paired up with Europol agent Mark Hess (Mikkel Boe Følsgaard) to investigate the murder of a local woman. 

When they arrive at the scene, they find the victim tied up to a piece of playground equipment in the middle of the woods and her hand has been amputated. At the house, the detectives find a little figurine made of chestnuts. 

They soon discover the murder could be linked to the disappearance of a young girl a year earlier, and many other cases. 

Also, there's a creepy song that the local children sing about the Chestnut Man. 

It's not in English but imagine they're singing something like: "The Chestnut Man! The Chestnut Man! He'll stand at the end of your bed at night and do you a murder! The Chestnut Man! The Chestnut Man! He's standing behind you right now! Creepy outro..." 

Good times!


Come for the...

The mystery of the Chestnut Man. 

Stay for the...

The plot twists. And the creepy song. 

What TV shows will it remind you of?

The Fall for the serial killer element. And Dublin Murders for the... woods. 

LISTEN: The new Netflix thriller everyone is going to be talking about. Post continues below. 

How long is it?

There are six, one-hour episodes so you could watch it over a few nights or binge it on a rainy Sunday. 

So, should you watch it? 


The Chestnut Man has all the elements of a bloody good thriller series. 

A faceless serial killer, hard-nosed detectives with complicated backstories, plenty of clues and plot twists, and small children singing creepy songs. 

And with only six episodes, you can solve the mystery of the Chestnut Man in one or two sittings and then move onto your next TV obsession. 

I would give The Chestnut Man four out of five creepy children singing even creepier songs. 

All six episodes of The Chestnut Man are streaming on Netflix now.

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