FLUFF: Which The Block contestants are never coming back?


So much drama has been brewing on The Block this season.

In a shocking development, two of the most dramatic contestants ever have decided not to return to the hit TV show. Ever.

Those 29 year old twins Lysandra and Alisa Fraser have quit the show to save their sisterly relationship.

The girls have been fighting a lot, and they say it’s had a detrimental effect on their sisterly bond, and for this reason they have decided not to reprise their role as ‘The Twins’ on The Block.

When asked if they’d be back, Lysandra told MailOnline, ‘Never again. We’ve had our turn and it’s silly to be away from the boys again. I don’t want to do long term damage to our relationship as well.’

Lysandra is mother to a 4 year-old and a 2 year-old and her twin sister Alisa a 1 year-old.

Despite some high profile f-bomb throwing and anger at each other and the judges, the two have no regrets about joining the show, saying, ‘At the end of the day we came out of it profiting, it’s launched a business for us and we definitely wouldn’t have had that if we hadn’t been on the show.’

This isn’t the first strain on relationships that the pair have faced, with Lysandra’s marriage coming apart while filming the series.

Alisa and Lysandra when they won The Block in 2013

Lysandra had met her husband at school and had her two children with him before splitting earlier this year. And as they are in a reality TV show based on reality, her reaction has played out on screen.

Lysandra said the experience was tough and that ‘Nobody wants that.’

So it seems with all of this drama and real life reality, the final airing of The Block’s fans vs faves on April 9th will be their last appearance.

Bye bye twinsies, it’s been fun.

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