FLUFF: The Block twins claim they were "bullied" by the show's producers.

Love them or hate them, those police-women twins make damn good television. Barely a day goes by without a Twins-related scandal on The Block

In their latest tantrum, Lysandra and Alisa Fraser are claiming they were bullied by the show’s producers who deliberately edited footage to make them look like villains.

The twins, both 29, won last year’s season of The Block: Sky High and split $395,000 in prize money, but are now claiming that producers predetermine the show’s ‘favourites’ and judge contestants by different standards.

Speaking to News Corp, Lysandra Fraser said:

“It’s just about who the show wants to win really, isn’t it? I never used to think it but I do think now they have certain ways they want things to happen.”

Fraser feels they were held to a higher standard by the judges, complaining earlier in the season about their poor scores (complete with a high-profile tantrum involving several f-bombs).

These allegations come not too long after another Block contestant, Steve O’Donnell, claimed producers were deliberately editing segments to make him look stupid. Steve appeared on the show with his partner Chantelle and complained that the show’s footage made him look “mentally deficient” as punishment for getting on the wrong side of a producer.

These claims are just the latest in a series of complaints from the duo, who have been highly vocal in their criticism of the show this season.

Just last week, they revealed they would not be returning to the ratings heavyweight due to the strain it put on their relationship. Lysandra is already quite familiar with the the pressures of filming such a high-profile show as she split with her husband during the filming of The Block: Sky High last year.

The twins will have their final appearance on the ‘Fans vs Faves’ finale this Wednesday night.

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