Will the Twins get to keep their prize-money from The Block?

Well, we didn’t see that twist coming!  The Block twins’ apartment has been seized by Federal police as possible proceeds of crime.

While the Twins didn’t win The Block this year, they DID pocket $616,000 when they sold their apartment for $2.375 million. The problem is…the person who purchased their apartment is under investigation by the Federal Police.

Lukas Kamay, the NAB banker charged over an alleged $7 million insider trader scam, is also the winning bidder for Number 3, 47 O’Grady Street Albert Park. Affectionately known as “The Twin Apartment”.

While Kamay placed a $500,000 deposit, Channel 9 spokesman Terry Stuart said  he was unsure whether the sale had been finalised, leaving the Twins’ in limbo and potentially facing a resell of their property.

Alisa (one of the Twins) was contacted by reporters but wasn’t aware of the latest developments with her and her sister’s apartment.

Mr Kamay faces seven charges in relation to insider trading, with the most serious having a maximum penalty of 25 years jail.

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