Fluff: Contestant on The Block has a tantrum about looking bad on TV.

Oh, reality TV stars. So happy about having their every move filmed (or as Lara Bingle would say, “video-camera-ed”) until everyone in the country thinks they’re a moron.

A contestant from the latest season of renovation show The Block: Fans v Faves is unimpressed with himself on TV, but he’s not about to take the blame.

Steve O’Donnell – you may know him as one part of ‘Steve and Chantelle’ – has slammed the producers of the Channel 9 show.

Taking to social media to express his dissatisfaction (where else would you go?) the 35-year-old chimney sweep angrily accused the show of making him look ‘mentally deficient’. Yikes.

Steve, who is on the show with his partner Chantelle Ford, said that the producers were editing segments of the show to make him look lazy. His theory is that he “pissed off a producer early on and now they’re out to punish me”.

In a Facebook post last week, Steve said that:

I’m super sick of the story arc beign (sic) that I’m in some way mentally deficient.

I want to keep track of this as it looks like its (sic) getting out of hand and I can’t remember every fabrication.

My memory of the bs is finite.

Old mate Steve thinks the show is doomed, too.

O’Donnell believes that scenes have been edited to make him look ‘mentally deficient’.

And he started out so hopeful, excited to be on the show and to be honest, quite cocky about his strong work ethic. He was concerned about his skill set, though.

“I don’t know anything as well as I know chimney sweeping … I’m used to working on roofs and I don’t work with wood and there is plenty of woodworking on the show. I’m best served labouring to the professionals rather than having a go on a multi-million dollar property.”

He was worried his TV career might jeopardise the credibility of his chimney-sweep business.

Get the man a copy of Mary Poppins on DVD – chimney sweeping and entertainment go perfectly together.

Have you been watching The Block? Would you ever go on it?

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