Last night, things really heated up on The Block.

It has been 2 weeks of being friends. But now, now things have got competitive.

Just in case you aren’t watching the fabulous renovating show, Chris and Jenna scored a perfect 30 for their most fabulous bathrooms (much to the shock of their competitors).

The judges score.

"We are stoked. Who thought a couple from Sydney's west would deliver a world class bathroom?" Chris said.

Last night, the contestants got to judge each other's bathrooms as part of The Block Glasshouse twist, where they then get to give out scores themselves.

It started with Chris and Jenna's bathroom. While everyone agreed that it was an amazing bathroom and a clever design, there was one couple who dealt a bit more criticism than the rest (and also came second according to the judges).

For the room that judge Neale Whitaker said, "I can't find anything that I don't like," footballer Darren and his wife, Dee, started with, "Those towels just don't really float my boat at all."

The couple seemed to be the only ones to criticise the stand-alone bath, "It's not a stone bath," and then disagreed with the judges, "I thought maybe the judges were over the top with comments about it."

The contestants scores of each other.

The couple later went to score the teams, giving Chris and Jenna a 7 (when all judges game them each a perfect 10). They also gave Max and Karstan and Shannon and Simon a 7 each. Giving their highest score of an 8 to Michael and Carlene.

Host Scotty Cam called Dee out on the score, to which she replied that she didn't give the scores much thought, just quickly writing them down at the last minute.

Hmm, guess the competition has started...at least for some.

Did you think that the comments were unnecessary?

CLICK THROUGH the gallery to check out each of the bathrooms:

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