Dear The Block bosses - Stop breaking up all my favourite couples.

On last night’s Block it seems like both The Fans couples are on the rocks… but they’re not. Surely?

Dear The Block Producers,

You have really started to annoy me.

First, you’ve moved the final score to from Sunday to Monday nights for the past two weeks.

I understand you have ratings to worry about. But just so you know, I have sworn at the TV on the last two Sunday nights. At you. The one stable thing in my life is reality TV – when it is on, what will happen and what to expect.

I do not appreciate change.

Kyal and Kara celebrating after their win last night...doesn't look like there is any hatred there.

And the next one is THIS. Breaking up the couples.

Look, I know we all love a little drama (which is why you will probably invite The Twins to every future series), but making up lies just gets me off side. It is REALITY TV after all. It is supposed to be REAL life (I would like to continue to naively believe this).

So today, I am annoyed after seeing last night's episode. You tried to make love-dovey, worst-fighters-ever Kyal and Kara seem like they aren't getting along. This is what you did.

Kyal gets on screen and says, “we've definitely had our hurdles along the way.” Then you insert a shot of Kara crying. This seems like they are fighting. I call your B.S. As a dedicated fan I know what you have done. The shot of Kara crying has nothing to do with Kyal.

This is when she cried: She was painting in the middle of the night (you would have already cried right there and then), she had an exhausting day and...she was missing her family. So she cried.

Relationship solid.

Kyal sleeping away from Kara - can only mean the relationship is over. Not that it is bloody hot.

The next thing you did was show an image of Kyal sleeping alone. GASP. They are signing the divorce papers already.


He was actually sleeping on a bean bag. While I am not completely sure why he thought a bean bag would be more comfortable than a bed, I assume it had something to do with Melbourne's heatwave. It was reaching 40 degrees Celsius during the day (and after spending 18 months in Melbourne I can tell you - just cause the sun goes, doesn't mean that the degrees drop).

So I would probably trade a comfortable bed with my husband who emits body heat for a bean bag on a cold concrete floor.

Sorry, this couple looks pretty solid to me.

Next up, Steve and Chantelle. Now, they are actually having a fight. Chantelle confirmed it by telling the nation via the diary camera that her and Steve aren't doing well.

Over the last couple weeks she has been saying "can I have a different partner today, please" and "this week has been bad for our relationship".

They have been doing their best to stay out of each other's way and at times you can see the strain. And you can also sympathise with them. Nothing like having to talk to your partner when you really, really, really don't like them. Much less have to work on a renovation project with them.

Steve and Chantelle slept in the same bed last night...fight over?

But last night, they seemed to at least have moved to the same bed.

So let's do some real truth filming The Block Producers:

  1. Couples fight. It is more important how they "kiss and make up" (cue Kyal and Kara make ups after 5 seconds of disagreeing).
  2. Renovating is hard on any relationship. Much less renovating an entire house in tenth of the time that it takes in the normal world of life.
  3. Couple fighting is hard enough. Couple fighting with a camera and crew in your face is even harder. And holding it in for when the camera's are gone is only making the fire bigger and nastier.
  4. 40 degree heat. I hate everyone at 32 degrees, much less 40.

So, let's give these couples a break already.

Oh wait, actually don't. I really want to see how they go at renovating 7 bedrooms in 7 days.

CLICK THROUGH the gallery to see the upstairs outdoor rooms with the winner (finally) being revealed last night:

Do you believe The Block couples are fighting?