How to apply fake eyelashes and 10 other tips for winning at makeup.

Hands up if you learned how to apply makeup by watching your mum/aunt/older sister make funny faces in the mirror?

Yep, me too.

My mum rocked a frosty orange and purple eye like nobody’s business but that’s not to say I couldn’t have done with a few extra tips.

Especially for when that Revlon palette finally bottomed out and we needed to expand our eyeshadow repertoire.

Beyond our immediately family and experimental makeup sessions at sleepovers, a girl’s supposed to possess the innate ability to know what to do with a 22-eyeshadow, 17-lipstick, 5-blush Australis makeup palette she begged her parents to buy… um, say, for example.

But there’s only a few of us that have the ability and hand eye coordination to nail a cats eye in under 30 seconds, and some of us no matter how hard we try, will ever remember what a BB cream is or does.

That’s just the way the beauty dice rolls.

Luckily though, since the invention of the Google machine, not only can we instantly find out how to marble our nail polish or make pancakes we can learn how to create makeup looks from the safety of our couches.

Thanks to the below beauty bloggers/vloggers even if you are highly unskilled with a makeup brush you never have to leave the house with inferior eyeliner again.

Read on for 11 ways to win at makeup. Every. Time.

1. How to cover up acne:

This is the most-viewed beauty tutorial on YouTube to date with a casual 21 million views.

2. How to apply fake eyelashes:

3. How to master winged eyeliner:

4. How to create a flawless base:

5. How to cover up dark circles:

6. Makeup for specs wearers:

7. How to nail a smoky eye:

8. If you “can’t use a brush for anything,” this one’s for you:

9. How to not be scared of red lipstick:

10. How to quickly fix your makeup mistakes:

11. And finally because we’re all guilty of picking off our gel manicures, the right way to take off gel polish at home.

What’s your go-to makeup look? And what makeup skill have you never been able to master?

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