The best of the Sesame Street spoofs

Here are five television shows that were only made better by the inclusion of Muppets.

The real SVU is so not appropriate for children, which makes this spoof that much funnier. We love the spot-on Muppet versions of Richard Belzer, Mariska Hargitay, and Christopher Meloni, the New York City accents on the talking animals, and the fact that all the characters can hear the “chung-chung.”

Any fan of the ’90s cult classic Twin Peaks will appreciate the bizarro Cookie Monster version, with its references to creator David Lynch, the Log Lady, and darn good cherry pie.

Liz Lemon is an actual lemon!

Decades before tackling Downton Abbey, Sesame Street paid homage to one of its main influences, the British drama Upstairs, Downstairs. To borrow a line from Grover, “Is this not exciting and dramatic?”

This Glee parody gets everything right, from Jane Lynch’s caustic delivery to Chris Colfer’s accessories. They even included that piano player who’s always mysteriously lurking in the background, performing every song on cue.

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