Super Bowl: The 5 ads that everyone is talking about

Yes, we’re talking about football. Kind of. Stay with me.

The Super Bowl is on Feb 5, and it’s the biggest game of NFL in the US every year. And it’s also the biggest advertising event of the year.

It’s all about big names and big budgets. And this year 30 second slots during the broadcast are commanding prices upward of $3.5 million. Each.

Some advertisers have started to release their ads a few days before kick off – because, well, why wouldn’t they? – and here are some of the best that are on offer.

1. This Teleflora ad has copped criticism for being sexist.

2. This is one of the most anticipated ads. It’s Matthew Broderick back to his Ferris Bueller ways for “Matthew’s Day Off” in an ad for Honda.

2. Hello David Beckham. Here he is in the ad for his Bodywear line for H&M.

3. Jerry Seinfield for the Acura.

4. For the Twilight fans, this is Audi’s ad for its $200,000 S7.

Do you have a favourite?