Sick of clichéd diet ads? Watch this.

Are you sick of clichéd advertising? Diet food brand, Kerry Low Low is.

The company have released a hilarious parody ad which takes aim at the three female stereotypes, Smug Gal, Ditzy Gal and Muffin Gal, usually portrayed in diet food advertising.

You know the ones; they’re usually dancing around in white underwear, struggling to zip up their jeans or having an orgasm while eating a rice cake. As you do.

Take a look:

The irony that it’s a diet food brand calling out on the diet food industry is not lost on us, but if an attitude shift within advertising is going to happen, where better to start than a brand that encourages women to have a positive relationship with food?

The parody has spawned the Adland Gal Twitter account. The bio reads, “I’m just your average gal, really. Love dancin’ in my pants coz diet yoghurt turns me on!”