Is this the best baby name ever?

Most mums would be running out of inspiration for names once they got to baby number 12, but not Brinessa Martin.

The Newcastle mum has just given birth to her ninth daughter, Passion Brinessa Ajayla Quinatee Martin.

Passion joins sisters Samantha Jayne, 18, twins Shantelle Victoria and Stephanie Catherine, 15, Shania Kay, 10, Jenaya Lee, 11, Brandi Shyla Molly Robyn, 6, Diammond Sparckle Zedekeyah Lilly Ann Martin, 3, and brothers Brandon Bradley, 7, Cruz Richard, 5, and Clayton Adam Logan, 4.

When sister Diammond Sparckle joined the family in 2010, Brinessa told The Newcastle Herald she’d started out choosing names such as Samantha and Stephanie, but had found it increasingly difficult to find something original, so she’d been browsing an iPhone application for inspiration.

She also told that she came up with the name Diammond because "I thought it was a pretty name. Everyone loves diamonds and they are sparkly so it sort of fitted. We just added a couple of letters to the name so it would be a bit different."

As for having 12 kids, Brinessa admits: "Some people think I'm insane. Others are in awe."

Brinessa gets up at 5am every morning to feed, shower, clothe and pack lunch for her school aged children and spends the rest of the day caring for her little ones.

But it’s not all Lego and Barbie dolls – she does six loads of washing every day and buys 24 loaves of bread and 30 litres of milk a week.

Wow, just wow. 

Did you have trouble finding a unique name for your child?