Take a peek into Miranda Kerr's beauty cupboard.







I’ve got tweezers and scissors for my nails in my bag; I’m really a freak about my nails. Orlando and I share a nail thing—he has a bit of a foot fetish. –Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr has revealed her beauty secre- Wait, what? Orlando Bloom has a foot fetish?

Regardless of your personal opinion of the divisive, “I don’t have a single stretch mark—I had a ten-pound baby!” Aussie model you have to admire her honesty.

I mean, there are not many celebrities (can we call her that?) who freely drop clangers like your famous A-Lister husband has a special thang for feet. How could you not love that Aussie sensibility?

But I digress – foot fetishes aside, Kerr has also revealed details about her beauty routine in an interview with Emily Weiss from beauty blog Into The Gloss giving us non-glamazonians an insight into how she maintains her fabulous skin/hair/body/life.

Firstly, she’s a fan of really clean teeth: “Like, I believe in dental hygiene, even on the go, so GUM toothpicks are a must,” and hair-wise she’s into using coconut oil as a treatment and apple cider vinegar for shine.

To avoid ponging like a fermented salad all day Kerr says: “You put on a little bit in the shower as a rinse, and then wash it out. It stinks a little, but then you use conditioner and the smell goes away.”

Vinegar. Rinse. Condition. Check.

Kerr also keeps a bottle of Similasan Dry Eye Relief on hand because her eyes have BEEN BURNED BY FLASH BULBS twice at photo shoots. What the? Geezus just when you thought dealing with peak hour traffic twice a day was detrimental to your health at least your EYES AREN’T REGULARLY GETTING BLISTERED BY FLASHING LIGHTS.


Kerr’s bathroom cupboard, kinda pervy huh? Image via Into The Gloss.

As for make-up Kerr likes to simply slip on some lippie and her sunnies and be done with it. RMS Lip2Cheek in Sacred, Smile and Le Métier de Beauté Colour Core Moisture Stain Lipstick in China Beach are among her faves. And as she’s “very big on eyebrows” (wonder if Orlando is too?) her go-to in this department is Bobbi Brown’s eyebrow gel.

And as the founder of organic skincare line Kora Organics it’s not going to come as a giant shock that she lists most several of her products into her daily routine, which consists of cleansing, exfoliating, toning, moisturising and applying a mask once a week.

“Every morning, I wash my face with the Kora Organics Cream Cleanser, and I use the Foaming Cleanser at night to remove make up. Then I spray the Energising Citrus Mist. My moisturizer depends on the state of my skin, so sometimes I’ll use Soothing Day and Night Cream, or, if I’m having a bit of a breakout, I’ll use Purifying Day and Night Cream. Luxurious Rosehip Oil is also amazing at night, so I’ll wear that on my face—it’s great for age prevention—and body,” Kerr said.

And it wouldn’t be a Miranda Kerr interview if there was no mention of Noni Juice or her preference for all things organic. And as it turns out, her beloved Nan was way ahead of her time and had Miranda drinking Noni Juice early on. Kerr also chats about organic deodorants, air-purifying plants and drinking cold-pressed green juices and alkaline water.

“I have alkaline water filters in my kitchen sink and on my shower heads, so it’s purified and alkaline,” Kerr says.

Noni juice. Green juice. Alkaline showers. Tick.

Kerr leaves us with the parting advice that you don’t have to be 100% strict with yourself: the key is balance, knowing what works, but not feeling like you have to do everything.

“I try to avoid saying ‘always’ and ‘never,’ because we’re human beings, and it’s not always possible.”

Always. Never. Not always. Right. Got it.

I think.