The Bachelor forced to apologise to the neighbours.

Lights, camera… apologies.

Residents of peaceful Hunters Hill in Sydney are in despair. And the TV bosses know it.

So with filming for series three of reality TV show The Bachelor Australia to begin this week, disgruntled neighbours of Clifton Mansion – where the series is set to be filmed once again and costs $25,000 a week to rent – are set to receive personal apologies for the chaos they are about to endure. And by chaos, we mean limos chauffeuring the women back and forth, the cries from the lack of roses and (we assume) a few fights and melt downs between contestants.

Residents on Woolwich Road can expect a knock on their doors today from Shine Australia representatives after the Hunters Hill council reportedly held the company breached certain production promises, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Former bachelor Blake Garvey is dating Louise Pillidge after the controversial end to series two of the show. (Via Instagram).

The company has reportedly already attempted to reassure residents with a letter just days before production of the series began.

"Please be assured that all our crew are fully aware of the sensitivity required when filming within a residential area, and we will take necessary action to minimise our impact," part of the letter read, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The note also said the crew do not intend to film for more than a total of 30 days between early March and early July this year.

But despite the apologies and reassurances, past series of The Bachelor have seen residents put up with traffic chaos as well as bright lights at night for filming and constant noise.

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Neighbours were so annoyed last year that they reportedly sent letters to the council to complain. But nothing was done.

“We are not very keen for it. I find it a little bit tacky,” resident Oliver Olivieri, 68, told the newspaper.

Sam Frost was jilted by Blake Garvey after he proposed to her during the finale of season two. (Via Facebook).

The heritage-listed waterfront mansion has been owned by the McCaffrey family since 1993, which they bought for $2.75 million. While the house reportedly rents out for $25,000 a week, the official payment for use of the house by Shine Australia has not been confirmed.

Do you think apologising to the neighbours is enough?

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