Fresh and fast: the baby food for busy parents.

Luke Mangan and some of the taste testers for his new Baby Bites range.

The first time I had a baby I did a lot of pureeing. It was hard and mostly a waste of time. I felt very worthy going to the grower’s market, buying the fresh fruits and vegetables, coming home, cooking them up, mashing them, putting them in little ice-cube trays, sometimes mixing in some meat or chicken which I’d stewed seperately. Maybe some pasta. Rice.

[I thought I’d let you know that this is a sponsored post. But you can’t buy the opinions of our writers so everything you read here is true and authentic]

Then I’d put all the little cube-y things into the freezer, wait for them to become solid and then bag them up into individual freezer bags which I would then label and stack in my freezer drawers.

This took a long time. It was expensive. And I’m not a great cook.

But so what? Nothing was too much trouble for my baby. I wanted him to eat delicious, nutritious, lovingly prepared food.

There was just one problem. Someone forgot to tell my precious toddler how much trouble I’d been to. Because my precious toddler threw my lovingly prepared meals across the room, onto the floor and dumped them into his lap. He rubbed them into his highchair, into his hair and fed them to the dog.

By the time my second child came along a few years later, there were more food options. Those squeezy things in tubes and organic jars of baby food and other pre-prepared bits and pieces. I used them all a lot and they were great because with one older child and a toddler, who was going to make two lots of meals?

Not me. But I still had niggles. I wanted something fresher.

Fortunately, Luke Mangan is a mind reader.

Celebrity Chef, Luke Mangan has teamed up with Australian parents Melanie Gill and Heath Molloy to develop a delicious range of healthy and convenient meals for toddlers. As a busy working Mum, Melanie wanted a product that was quick and easy yet contained the essential ingredients her toddlers needed to grow and develop. After collaborating with the leading Australian chef, the team came up with the solution, Baby Bites!

The meals are the first of their kind, free from additives and preservatives so even the busiest parents can ensure their kids are receiving nutritional, wholesome food every day. The fresh range includes the following high quality meals in toddler sized pots:

  • Lamb pot roast with vegetables
  • Chicken casserole with pearl barley
  • Chicken Paella

Luke Mangan has this to say about the new range: “Feeding your children healthy, clean food gives them the best start in life. I appreciate that not everyone has the time to cook three home-made meals for their toddler each day, which is why I’ve developed the Baby Bites range, so that busy parents can feed their children good food, regardless of how busy they are.”