Were you watching Offspring last night?






We had a brief visit from an old friend of ours last night, former Mamamia Managing Editor and Offspring Tragic, Lana Hirschowitz. She shared her list of 7 things that might have stopped you watching the final episode of Offspring last night…

The heater is on, the snacks are planned and the tissue box is full. I am ready for tonight’s final episode of Offspring.

I won’t deny that I am a little nervous, I actually have a pit in my stomach when I think about the journey Nina and I have been on and where we are going now. In my mind Nina is a very real person and in my mind she’s also happens one of my close friends. Yes, I have become a little Offspring obsessed.

I’ve been known to cry (a lot), laugh ridiculously loudly and also threaten to leave.

Why would you leave a TV show you may well ask (given that I am an audience member rather than say a cast member in which case leaving would actually make a difference). I became pretty heavily invested in some of the relationships and plot lines, heavily invested enough that I actually decided that I would be giving notice if any of the following 7 things happened:

1. If Mick kisses or otherwise gets involved with Rosanna in an intimate nature I will cover my eyes for hours. Possibly hide under my doona to make it all go away. Every time I watch a scene that involves these two I sit very, very close to the edge of my seat. I have been known to grind my teeth.

2. If Billie falls pregnant and miscarries her baby – I may never switch the TV on again. No matter what the show is. I know that they do love a bit of drama on the show and they are not beyond going down this path but I really, really hope they don’t.

3. If Patrick actually leaves the hospital and in leaving the hospital leaves the show I am leaving my TV off forever

That’s only 3 I hear you shout (well type loudly) which brings me to another reason I have a pit in my stomach tonight.

I am watching Offspring from my new home. For those of you that remember me from Mamamia – Hi, I miss you! For those of you who don’t know me I was Managing Editor of Mamamia until a few weeks ago when I moved to a new home on the internet otherwise known as iVillage. It’s a bit weird living in this new home and saying goodbye to my favourite show at the same time so I am actually hijacking this post to invite you to come watch Offspring with me at my new home.  And as an incentive you can read the rest of my list in my village – just click here.

Promise I’m not tricking you – I’m just welcoming you.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Did it live up to all our high expectations or did it disappoint?Do you think there will be another season?

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