The 4 hair trends to try in 2012.

Does your reading this post mean you’re interested in perhaps trying one of them? I’ll take your silence as a yes. And then cheer, because I love that you’re excited to try something new with your hair. Not that it doesn’t look marvellous the way it is, obviously. It really suits you. It does! It’s a great length and cut for you and it seems almost a shame that we’re potentially about to decimate both in one trip to the snip-snips.

Obviously you’ll be after some inspiration for this new mop of yours, so I’ve assembled some of the key cuts for hair in 2012 below. Some of these will seem outrageous (because they are) or ridiculous (again, because they are), or better suited to a small, plastic toy (Barbie), but remember that trends exist to inspire, not dictate.


The most daring (and potentially exquisite) of all the lady cuts, very short (often pixie) hair will be a strong theme in 2012, especially with the dual emphasis on the ‘60s and ‘20s. Keep it modern (and more versatile) by making it a bit less pretty, and a bit more edgy, choppy and androgynous. Also remember that beautiful actresses with travelling hair stylists can pull off this look and the styling nuances that it brings with ease and grace, but us Regular Bombshells need to make sure we are ready for the upkeep (snips every 3 weeks) and intense face focus, and cowlick accentuation such short hair brings. Those with straight-ish hair and oval faces will definitely fare best. For those not as daring, try a (choppy) cut somewhere between the jaw and ears, like Dianna Agron’s sensational 2011 cut.

Look to these birds: Carey Mulligan, Michelle Williams, Evan Rachel Woods.

From left: Carey Mulligan, Michelle Williams, Dianna Agron


Rarely does such a huge film/book twinset storm onto the scene without having some effect on other facets of modern culture. In this case, the (extremely unforgiving) short, straight fringe we see on the star of the US version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Rooney Mara. Don’t feel you have to go quite this short, (especially if you have a rounder face) but by all means embrace the blunt, sharp fringe. I strenuously recommend keeping the rest of the hair quite blunt, straight and silky smooth to keep it modern, rather than flirting with the ‘80s style straight-fringe-wavy-hair catastrophe.

Look to these birds: Rooney Mara, Rose Byrne, Leighton Meester, Jessy J.

Rooney Mara & Rose Byrne



The sixties will provide a walloping great influence on hair and fashion this year, which is great news for those of us who like the colour orange, and shift dresses, (and incredible news for those who like orange swing dresses). The trick to a MODERN sixties mod-bob is to keep it short, textured, not all-one-length, imperfect, voluminous near the crown (backcombing is, uh, back) and don’t be afraid of Bobby Pins (preferably pinning down the fringe to one side, ala Twiggy.) Of course, you can cheat this look even with long hair, just keep that backcombing up, and swoosh and pin down that front section to the side.

Look to these birds: Arizona Muse (as seen in this wonderful photo shoot) also Twiggy, Bardot, Brigitte for general ‘60s texture and styling clues.



A touch of the ‘70s and lot of the Girl Next Door, this hair is less layered and more one-length than we’ve seen for a while. It’s polished but moves naturally, essentially it’s that healthy, shiny looking hair that has been given that traditional “blow-dried” look we have eschewed for the past few years in favour of gritty, beachy texture. Avoid a fringe, go for a centre-part or deep side-part, and use a huge barrel brush to get lift at the roots, (but keep it straight until past your ears) and bounce and movement and waved ends. (Feel free to use hot rollers, or a curling tong, then brush out the curls.) It’s meant to look like you’ve had you’re hair “done,” basically. And also like you might quite enjoy the use of a wind machine. (If you can’t handle that level of perfectyness, mist some sea salt spray through and tousle up once you’ve blow-dried.)

Look to these birds: Miranda Kerr, Lily Aldridge, Adriana Lima etc etc etc.

Lily Aldridge, Miranda Kerr

Well. That should give you a little bit of book-an-appointment juice. Or at the very least, start-flicking-through-mags-and-looking-online-for-things-that-take-your-fancy, impetus.

Maybe next week I do the exciting new hairstyles and colours for 2012!

Or, I could do a post on ingrown toenails and belly button debris.

I’m sure whichever way I choose it will be a thrilling ride in beauty journalism.

Please note that Zoe won’t be able to answer all questions but if she can’t, a member of the MM community is bound to step in and share advice.

Zoe Foster is an author and columnist and Contributing Editor for Mamamia. She has previously been the beauty director for both Cosmopolitan and Harper’s BAZAAR magazines, and the Editor at Large of Primped.com.au. Zoe has published four books; Air Kisses, Textbook Romance (which she wrote with Hamish Blake), Playing The Field and Amazing Face. You can follow Zoe’s tumblr here and her Twitter here. You can and should buy Amazing Face here.

What haircuts will you be trying in 2012?