The 10 most annoying things in the world

I grew up in a household where smoking was akin to murder. Seriously, my mother would have preferred us to cover our whole body in tattoos, date a bikie and tape over a Tom Hanks movie than take up smoking. So it’s hardly surprising that cigarette smoke really annoys me.

But it’s not the only thing that really annoys me, no I have a whole list

Such as:

1. People who can’t tell the difference between you’re and your. (You’re = you are. Your = a possession.)

2. People who say “in regards to” instead of “in regard to”. It’s not a plural. (On a side note, I also hate it when someone corrects your grammar mid-sentence. Did I mention I’m a walking contradiction?)

3. People who obsess over food and their diets. (It’s boring and we just don’t care which new paleo-bird seed-macrobiotic diet you’re on. We’re enjoying our food, so please let us be.)

4. Wet towels on the floor. (They’re not going to dry themselves there.)

5. Sand or food crumbs in bed.

6. Txt tlk. (Srsly.)

7. Internet that refuses to work. (This has been the cause of many irrational tears and tantrums.)

8. Sniffers. (Just blow your nose and save us all the misery.)

9. Smart phone users at concerts. (Why pay all that money to stand there and text/Tweet/Facebook/play Angry Birds?)

10. PDA’s on Facebook. Also, vague status updates. (Facebook’s a public forum, people.)

Annabelle Cottee is a twenty-something wannabe journo,  You can visit her blog at or follow her on Twitter @annabellecottee.

What are the things (reasonable or otherwise) that really annoy you ?