The heart-wrenching 'texting while driving' video that could save your life.

How often do you text while driving?

Just the odd one, right? You’re on your way somewhere and the person you’re meeting messages you. They could be running late, or changing the location, or cancelling. You should check. Yes, you should definitely check. What could be more annoying than turning up somewhere only turn around straight away and head home?

Except there are actually a litany of very real scenarios more annoying than not checking that message straight away. Inherently, we know that. We’ve read the statistics, watched the news, heard the stories.

Texting while driving is horrifically dangerous. But it’s just not dangerous when you do it, is it? You’re good at it, you can multi-task.

Except, you’re not. And you can’t.

They are nonchalant in their answers.

The cast of reality YouTube series Summer Break were faced with this brutal reality in a new video that could potentially save your life.

Teaming up with AT&T's It Can Wait Campaign, teenagers were asked why they text and drive. Boredom, some say. Impatience, others admit. One even boasts that it only happens at stop lights, "always being really good about it."

They are nonchalant in their answers, spoken with the guise of someone who knows what they're doing is wrong, but with the confidence of someone who thinks tragedy doesn't strike close.

Jacy Good, the lone survivor of a car accident that killed both of her parents.

That is until the teenagers meet Jacy Good, the lone survivor of a car accident that killed both of her parents and left her fighting for her life and permanently paralysed. The driver of the other car hit them while texting.

"I spent two months in the hospital fighting for my own life, and two more months in a rehab hospital learning how to walk again, how to speak again, how to dress myself and feed myself. And now, I live with a partially paralysed body," she told the teenagers.

"I didn't have my daddy to walk me down the aisle when I got married."

After hearing Jacy’s story, the teenagers were then asked to tell Jacy the same reasons why they text and drive. None of them could. None of them could look them in the eye.

And after all, could you?

It can wait.

You can watch the full video here: