Testimonial: The Gift of Sleep works

Hello Elizabeth, Mia and Rebecca,

I just wanted to let you know The Gift of Sleep works! It actually works!

I’m on week two now of The Gift of Sleep and we follow the routine every day give or take 15 minutes. My little man is now going to sleep with not even a moan! He just places his head down, turns it the side and nods off. It’s like a dream!!

Rewind two weeks ago and this was a typical day…4.30am/5.00am wake, feed then bright eyed and bushytailed ready for the day! I was feeding Baxter 5 times a day and I was lucky if he slept three times a day for 20-minute intervals. At night he would wake up 5-6 times and needed to be breastfed to sleep. This meant my husband could never have a turn (much to his delight). When my husband did look after him he couldn’t get our son to sleep without walking. Now we can both get him to sleep: 1-2 hours during the day (twice a day!) and at night when he sleeps from 6.00pm-6.30am!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Bliss! The best $20 I ever spent.

Bless you Elizabeth, Mia and Rebecca.

From one very relaxed and happy family after a long 9 months,


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