Tasma Walton talks about her friend, and Rove's late-wife, Belinda.

It’s beautiful.

Rove’s wife, Tasma Walton is usually a very private woman, but this week she has opened up about her relationship with Rove and how the pair got together.

The former Home and Away star admitted that initially she was a match maker for Rove and his late wife, Belinda Emmett. She knew Rove long before they became involved and had found him his love when she matched him up with Belinda in 1999.

Rove and his late wife, Belinda Emmett. Image via Getty.

"We were all at a Fox Studios opening, and I had obviously worked with Rove on his show, worked with Belinda, thought they would be an interesting couple, and introduced them," she told the West Weekend.


Sadly, Belinda lost her battle with cancer in 2006.

It wasn't until years later that Tasma and Rove's friendship turned in to something more. The former Blue Heelers star admitted to the publication that she never thought she would get married. But took the unconventional step to ask Rove's mother for her blessing to propose.

Tasma, 41 proposed to Rove in 2009.

“I’d done this little painting that said ‘Marry me?’ on it and he said, ‘You’ve got to ask me properly’ and I was like ‘I can’t, I can’t, just marry me would ya!" The Daily Telegraph reported.

The two celebrities married in Broom, WA in 2009 and welcomed their first baby daughter, Ruby four years later, in 2013.

They welcomed their daughter, Ruby in 2013.

Both of them have admitted that parenthood is hard at times and can test a relationship but they are very happy together, and Tasma said she has definitely found her soulmate.

“I knew on a very deep level that this was a man I could spend the rest of my life with and decided that I might as well bite the bullet and ask him (to marry me),” she said according to the Daily Telegraph.

Have you ever been a matchmaker? How did it turn out?

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