Your Daily Dose of Cute: Where's a translator when you need one?

This adorable – and animated – conversation between toddler twins makes us wish we had a ‘baby talk’ translator.

Don’t you ever wish you had a twin sometimes? Someone to get into mischief with, to cover events you didn’t want to attend, and who knew you better then you knew yourself?

I certainly do – and after watching this video from the Ellen archives recently, this wish has been intensified.

The video shows two cute little toddlers engaging in what seems to be quite a heated discussion, which is just as adorable as it is hilarious. You’ll find yourself trying to figure out what they’re arguing about, and then being confused and starting all over again as they burst into random fits of laughter.

All I know is that this is definitely a language I want in on.

What do you think these talking twins are discussing?

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