How Susan Hannaford went from Australia's sweetheart to a wanted woman.

Many Australians grew up watching Susan Hannaford as Kitty on The Sullivans.

The teenager won over Australia’s heart playing the shy but spirited character on the long-running family TV show. The series told the story of an average middle-class Melbourne family and the effect the Second World War had on their lives.

Kitty started the series as a young, sad girl and later grew up to become a nurse, wife and mother. Hannaford and her character Kitty epitomised the wholesome Aussie culture of the mid-century.

Now, the actress is almost unrecognisable.

Her once natural brunette hair has been dyed a peroxide blonde, and she walks around in her $9 million Hollywood mansion in tiny shorts and stilettos.


She also allegedly owes the Commonwealth Bank more than $4.65 million after being evicted from her Sydney harbourside property in 2013.

After The Sullivans ended in 1983, Hannaford struggled to continue her acting career so she opened a dress shop in Sydney’s Double Bay. Her clothing line was popular and she often appeared in Sydney’s social pages.

Then, in 2013, Hannaford was evicted from her lush harbourside home, which was sold by her financiers for $3.15 million.

Soon after the actress left Australia to start a new life in LA. She married Emmanuel Margolin, the owner of the famous El Caballo Blanco dancing horses.

She moved into Margolin’s Beverly Hills mansion and is now the boss of a California property empire.

According to Sunday Night, Hannaford never paid off her debt to the Commonwealth Bank. She also allegedly owes the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) $1.5 million dollars.

During an exclusive interview, Hannaford took Sunday Night’s Matt Doran behind the scenes of her eccentric Hollywood home in which her adopted grandchildren, Bella and Dante, drive around in a toy Mercedes.

The former actress told Doran her property business is now worth a quarter of a billion dollars.

When Doran questioned Hannaford about the debt she said the Commonwealth Bank was “unscrupulous”, and that there was a lot of “fake news being bandied around”.

She then walked out of the interview when Doran asked whether she had trouble telling the truth.

“Do you have difficulty with your IQ?” she asked the reporter. “Because the questions you are asking me are just inane.”

You can watch the full interview on at 8.30pm on Channel Seven tonight. 

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