Size 10, flat stomach - and 8 months pregnant.

Sophie Aldridge went into hospital as a regular 20-year-old who was suffering from a bit of back pain. By the time she left, she’d become a mother.

Sophie’s story sounds impossible, but like the ‘surprise pregnancy mums before her, she had absolutely no clue she was expecting a baby. Right up to the day she gave birth to son Thomas, Sophie’s figure remained a slender size ten, she was still having her periods and was regularly going out to drink with her friends.

“I know it might sound really stupid to some people but I literally had no idea I was pregnant – I didn’t have any symptoms,” she tells The Mirror‘s Steve Robson. “I didn’t get morning sickness, I stayed wearing my size ten clothes, I had regular periods throughout the pregnancy and I didn’t have any cravings.”

Sophie at 7 months pregnant (left, holding phone), and at 8 months pregnant (right)

It's almost enough to make you want to book an emergency visit to the doctor, huh?

When she woke up in the middle of the night suffering back pains, Sophie assumed they were associated with the start of her period. Her mum took her to their local hospital in Kent, UK, only for doctors to send her away with painkillers.

The following day Sophie's condition worsened, yet she was sent home from the hospital again after being administered an anti-sickness injection. Soon afterwards, the pain became unbearable and she was rushed back to the hospital in an ambulance.

Half an hour later, Sophie's 5lbs 8oz surprise was lying in her arms - and she'd had no time to prepare for motherhood.

"When I gave birth I didn't even have a nappy to my name, let alone, clothes, pram, cot, etc. I had nothing," she explains. Thankfully, her equally shocked friends and family banded together to donate the baby basics she needed.

Now she's recovered the shock, Sophie is loving being a mum. "In a way I'm so glad it all happened - I wouldn't change Thomas for the world now," she says. "I like to call him my little miracle."

What's the craziest pregnancy story you've ever heard?

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