Sunday's news in under 2 minutes.

Treasurer Wayne Swan

1. The Gillard government is likely to cut hundreds of executive jobs in the public sector, to decrease government spending. News Ltd reports that 400 jobs may be cut under Labor, and that Opposition Leader Tony Abbott plans to cut up to 12,000 jobs if he is elected in September.

2. A mother in Queensland is fighting for her primary school-aged daughter, “Jane” – who was born “Michael”, but identifies as a girl – to be able to use the girls’ toilets at school. News Ltd reports that the school has otherwise accepted Jane’s gender transition, but has asked her to use the disabled toilets. 

3. The mother of Gina DeJesus – one of the kidnapped women held captive in Ariel Castro’s house for nine years – said she would forgive Castro is she ever saw him on the street. She told US ABC News, “I would hug him and I would say, ‘God bless you’… I forgave him years ago. I said it: I forgive whoever done it, just let her go.”

4. Kevin Rudd has released his new campaign poster for the upcoming federal election. Unlike Rudd’s 2010-campaign poster, this one does feature the Labor logo – but another point of difference is that Rudd has dropped his last name. The poster reads only “Kevin”.

5. 40 people have been killed, and another 100 people injured, after two car bombs exploded in Turkey, near the Syrian border. According to Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister, Bulent Arinc, “the usual suspects” are the Syrian military.

6. Peter Slipper, the former federal speaker, was reportedly denied membership to Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party only hours after joining. A statement posted on the UAP website read, “a majority of foundation members have decided that the membership for Peter Slipper has ceased forthwith.” However, Mr Slipper has said that he actually withdrew his application, after being personally invited to join the party.

7. Rebel Wilson will now have her own TV show in the US, after US network ABC has commissioned her series Super Fun Night. Wilson created the program, and will also produce and star in the show. Conan O’Brien will co-produce the show, which will revolve around three geeky female friends.

8. A 15-year-old boy from Ipswich, Michael Boggan, lost both of his hands on Friday evening after holding an exploding golf ball. He underwent a nine-hour surgical procedure that evening, and will require further surgeries.