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PM Tony Abbott with Sophie Mirabella last year
PM Tony Abbott with Sophie Mirabella last year


1. Prime Minister Tony Abbott has repaid taxpayers after using money for ‘travel expenses’ to attend former frontbencher Sophie Mirabella’s wedding in 2006.

According to News Corp, Mr. Abbott repaid a total of $1,094 when he was informed he was not entitled to do so. Similarly Fairfax Media has revealed that Coalition MP’s Barnaby Joyce, Julie Bishop and Teresa Gambaro ‘collectively claimed more than $12,000 in “overseas study” allowances’ when they attended an Indian billionaire’s wedding with Gina Rinehart in 2011.

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has defended Ms Bishop’s that she spent most of her time in India meeting with business executives. “Julie Bishop’s visit to India was very much in line with what she should have been doing as foreign minister,” he said.


2. A US official has confirmed that Navy Seals took part in a raid in Somalia overnight against a senior member of the Al-Shebab terrorist group. Pentagon spokesman George Little informed the media that “US military personnel were involved in a counter terrorism operation against a known Shebab terrorist – it was prompted by the Westgate attack”. The Westgate attack occured a few weeks ago when a terrorist group held up a Nairobi shopping centre in Kenya for four days, and killed 67 people.

3. A six-year-old Argentinian girl has become the first person in the world to change her gender identity. Following a law in 2012 that allowed transgender people to officially define their sexuality, the girl formally known as Manuel was allowed to change her name to Luanna and gender to ‘female’ on her birth certificate and identity card.

4. A nineteen-year-old man has been found dead on a Perth street this morning, prompting the launch of a murder investigation by Western Australian Police.

5. A four-year-old boy was attacked by a neighbour’s bull-mastiff dog in Sydney’s south west last night. Gabriel Swan was rushed to hospital and underwent emergency surgery last night for a deep bite that exposed his skull. The 4 year old received plastic surgery to cover the injury. This is the second time a dog has attacked a minor in NSW this week, with a nine-month-old boy still in hospital after being bitten by the family dog on Wednesday.

6. Prince Harry left Sydney this morning after a whirlwind visit yesterday to inspect naval ships for the International Fleet Review. The 4th in line to the throne told reporters “the next time I come back you will be struggling to get rid of me I am sure”. The Prince will spend the day in Perth with the Prime Minister before flying back to England tonight.

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