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Scott Morrison
Scott Morrison






1. Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has responded to questions after more than 50 asylum seekers drowned en route to Australia. This comes after survivors reported that the Australian Navy knew the location of the vessel 24 hours before they sent help.

Mr Morrison told the media that Australia was initially in charge of the asylum seeker vessel, but Indonesia has since taken over.  Mr Morrison also said that, “Australian Government officials in Jakarta are seeking additional information from their Indonesian counterparts, including seeking to confirm where the vessel foundered. It is believed to have gone down in Indonesian territory.”


This morning Prime Minister Tony Abbott attended the AFL Grand final breakfast, where he avoided questions about the asylum seeker tragedy.

2. Doctors are calling for an age limit to be put in place for chiropractic treatments, after a chiropractor broke a baby’s neck in 2012. According to Fairfax Media the injury was reported to the Chiropractic Board of Australia last year, however the case was closed and the chiropractor was allowed to continue practicing so long as he studied with a paediatric chiropractor.

3. Hawthorn has claimed it’s 11th premiership after beating Fremantle by 15 points in the AFL Grand Final yesterday.

4. Numerous people were evacuated from Palm Beach in Sydney’s Northern Beaches after a grass fire got out of control yesterday afternoon. Barrenjoy Head, home of the lighthouse that features heavily in Australian TV show ‘Home and Away’ was saved by firefighters, however the scrubland surrounding the area was burnt. Many onlookers took to Twitter to share photos of “Summer Bay” in flames.

'Summer Bay Flamin' courtesy of Twitter
‘Summer Bay Flamin’ courtesy of Twitter

5. Al Qaeda has opened its first official twitter account after being ‘inspired’ by the live coverage from terrorists who captured the Nairobi shopping centre earlier this week. Counterterrorist analyst Patrick Poole told the Washington Post, “not only is this important for propaganda purposes but also recruitment.” One of the first tweets from the account shared a link to a recruitment video on YouTube.

6. Over forty-five people are dead and hundreds injured after a five-story apartment block collapsed in India on Friday morning. The death toll is expected to rise in the following days as rescuers continue to find bodies amongst the debris. This is the sixth building to collapse in Mumbai in the past 5 months.

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