Sunday's News in 2 minutes, sans the Election.







Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 5 weeks, you would know that the 2013 federal election was last night and we now have a new Prime Minister.

But, although it may not feel like it, there are other things making news in the world this Sunday. So if you have had enough of policies and predictions or you just want to tune out and put your mind on something else, this version of news in 2 minutes is for you.

No politics, we promise.

1. It was announced yesterday that Tokyo had beaten Istanbul in the bid to host the 2020 Olympics. Mass celebrations occurred after International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge, announced that the Japanese city would host the 32nd Olympiad, despite the fears of Fukushima radiation. This will be the second time Tokyo has hosted the Olympics, having previously done so in 1962.

2. Following the death of kidnapper Ariel Castro in jail last week, a chilling video has been released of an interview the police conducted with him after his arrest.  According to the FBI video, Castro admitted to calling and taunting Amanda Berry’s mother, stating the following:


“I think I said something … that I have her daughter and that she’s okay and that she’s my wife now — something like that, you know, probably not the exact words.”

The 53-year-old former bus driver was sentenced to life in prison, with 977 charges of rape, along with kidnapping charges, however he committed suicide in his cell just last week.

3. A review into Buckingham Palace security has been launched after two men were involved in breaking into the Palace grounds last Monday night. Police report that the first man was found inside the palace “in an area currently open to the public during the day” and the second was outside the grounds keeping watch. Both men were arrested and charged for trespassing, conspiracy to commit burglary and criminal damage. However they have both been released on bail.

4. More than 31 children have died in an Indian state run hospital over the past 4 days. The hospital, situated in West Bengal, is reported to have rejected allegations of negligence claims by parents, and says it holds no responsibility over the deaths. Just last year 18 infants died in the space of 48 hours in the same hospital.

Have you seen any news stories you want to share?