Suffering period cramps? Here's a surprising cure...

OK, this we weren’t expecting …

Researchers from the Penn State College of Medicine have discovered that Viagra cures menstrual cramps.

The drug, when applied vaginally – via a pessary – to women experiencing severe menstrual cramps, gave pain relief to the women who took part in a small study.

“If future studies confirm these findings, sildenafil [the medical name for Viagra] may become a treatment option for patients with PD [primary dysmenorrhea],” said study researcher Professor Richard Legro

“Since PD is a condition that most women suffer from and seek treatment for at some points in their lives, the quest for new medication is justified.”

Currently, anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen are the most common treatment for severe menstrual cramps.

The study participants who were treated with Viagra reported less pain than those who received the placebo in the study. But the researchers admit they’re not sure how Viagra worked to reduce the pain.

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