Anne Hathaway's 10 best EVER looks.


Underrateddotcom. That’s where Anne Hathaway’s red carpet style.

Somewhere amidst Pamela Anderson’s less-is-more red carpet mantra and Gaga’s you-want-to-look-away-but-you-just-can’t get-ups, Anne’s elegant gowns have been out-wowed. Overlooked. Unappreciated.

It’s a tough world in tinsel town for a girl with a bit of class. But don’t worry Anne, we’ve got your back.

Just a heads up – she wears a lot of white and sparkles. Like, a lot. But that’s okay. We like white and sparkles too.

From elegant, floor-sweeping gowns to ’20s inspired frocks, we think Anne Hathaway has got ‘special occasion’ dressing down pat.

What do you think of Anne Hathaway’s red carpet looks? Which outfit is your number one?