These amazing motherhood photos don't sugar-coat it

Elinor Carucci is a photographer and mother of twins. When she gave birth to her children she made the decision to document the highs and the lows, the joys and struggles, the love and the frustrations…

The result is a serious of stunning photos that have formed the exhibition simply entitled “Mother.  It’s the complexity of emotions that she so brilliantly captures that makes it such a true reflection of modern motherhood.

“I thought becoming a mother would change who I am and I wanted to reflect that,” Carucci explained to The Telegraph. “Things change, not just our bodies. There is something that unites us all in becoming mothers. It’s not the purely beautific Madonna and Child. I hope it reflects a universality.”

The day-to-day activities repeat themselves a thousand times each year but somehow seem beautiful in these images. From the discomfort and pleasure of breastfeeding to the smiles that only a mother and child can share.

Sometimes motherhood is just women hanging on for dear life. Often it's dealing with your children's emotions while trying to keep a lid on your own.

Becoming her own intimate subject and featuring her beautiful children highlighted the reality of the experience for Carucci and also helped her to  deal with the challenges she faced as she raised her twins from birth to baby to infant to children.

We have to say, these pictures are breathtaking.

Carucci has never shied away from depicting the difficulties of life. Past projects include "Closer" in 2002 when she chronicled marriage and infidelity. "Diary of a Dancer" in 2008 took viewers through the physical exhaustion of the professional life of a Middle Eastern dancer.

Despite the fact "Mother" doesn't always shine the kindest light on the journey of motherhood, it demonstrates the ultimate truth of parenting which is that it is a tornado of changing emotions from moment to moment, and one of the most profound life journeys women will ever experience.

The photos have been published as a book by Prestel and collected together as part of an exhibition titled "Home Truths" at The Photographers' Gallery.

You can view all of Elinor Carucci's work via her Facebook page here.

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