PROOF: stylish comes in all shapes and sizes.


As part of our Body Positive Project – an ongoing series of posts where we proudly feature a diverse mix of women of all shapes, sizes, ages, abilities and skin colours – we have curated this very stylish gallery of street style photos of DIFFERENT women to balance things out a little.

Because as much as we adore looking at street style galleries, sometimes it seems like “style” and “slim” are synonymous. Why are all the women in those street style photos slim? Just like in magazines. Enough.

So flick through this gallery to get fashion inspired by big, small, tall and short women – all of them super stylish and looking damn fabulous.

Send a photo of your yourself in your favourite outfit this week to [email protected] and be featured in our Wardrobe Week gallery.

This is another Body Positive Project post where we will regularly be featuring YOU, our Mamamia readers – and your friends. Remember to let us know where you (or they) got each garment. Sharing is caring.

Be part of portraying a more diverse and INTERESTING mix of women in the media. It starts here.

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