Strange ultrasound reveals parents are expecting a beautiful baby sports car.

Ultrasounds are usually a source of boundless joy for expectant parents, as known by anyone who has had a transparent plastic sheet thrust at their face by an enthusiastic first time mum, excitedly pointing out apparently distinctive features on what looks like little more than a big grey blob.

But there are some ultrasounds that would make anyone stop in their tracks. There was that baby ‘giving the finger’ to their mum and dad to be, there was that terrifying demon baby ultrasound, and remember that ghost ultrasound one where the dead grandmother showed up?

If, like me, you don’t understand a lot about pregnancy jargon, this little explainer video might help in your education. Post continues after video.

Well in the latest development in weird ultrasounds, a couple who went in for their 24 week ultrasound have come out with the knowledge that they are expecting a beautiful baby… car.

Overjoyed with the news of his transformer spawn, Reddit user Brewhaus3223 shared an image of the ultrasound shortly after he and his wife returned from the gestational appointment, and commenters did not pass up the opportunity for some obtuse car-jokes and puns.

“The all new Ford Fetus!,” said one user. “The Fast and the Fetus,” commented another.

For those of us not all that well educated in our mechanical anatomy, Brewhaus3223 informs us: “It’s a boy car!”


For some more freaky ultrasounds, have a scroll through the gallery below (if you dare…).