Fluff: Olympian Stephanie Rice admits plastic surgery.

Well, someone has a new nose.

Twenty-five-year-old former Olympic swimmer Steph Rice has confessed that she’s undergone cosmetic surgery on her snozz twice – and she couldn’t be happier.

“Seeing the better version of my nose made me realise how much it had been affecting me,” she told Who magazine.

“Friends and family would say it was fine, but random people would comment.”

Sounds like the fast-as-a-dolphin babe is aware of the effect her new noses will have on the news cycle: “Everyone will have an opinion, but I’ve learned over the years you can’t do things to please people. I like the result.”

Steph, who swapped her swimming fins for a career in television career recently, says she broke her nose in the pool as a teenager and had ongoing problems with sinusitis.

We wish the Celebrity Apprentice star and her new nose a very happy life together.

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